Canadian Pond Hockey outdoor hockey tournament on the inconic Lake Louise, 38 teams, -30C, classic Canadiana.
Haleakela Crater this National Park on Maui never disappoints at any time of day or from any angle. Morning Sunrise of the crater floor.
Mahanna Sunsrise Just another sunrise on Maui said no one, such a tranquil morning looking towards Oahu.
Long Beach A stormy day at Long Beach Vancouver Island Canada. Processed in an Antique Plate style.
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Welcome, a letter to visitors

Whether you are a fellow photography enthusiast, an art lover, or someone seeking visual inspiration, I hope this website becomes a canvas of shared experiences, moments frozen in time, and a celebration of life’s diverse and captivating facets.

Each photograph has a tale to tell.

The nearly 20+ year journey for this website started as a  collection of reference materials, tutorials, astronomical observatory content, a testbed for various technology skill sets, and essentially a presentation of my various hobbies.

In Dec of 2023, I reworked the entire website to focus on my photographic works.

The computing, astronomy, woodworking and other content articles are also being migrated to different websites.  My writing is being migrated to Medium, the culinary journey to a dedicated website, and my passion for woodworking to its own website.  Stay tuned.

I encourage you to discover the various photographic works on the website; the culinary arts portion is being migrated to a dedicated food blog under heavy re-development.

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