Originally Posted: September 13, 2010
Updated: December 16, 2023

The beginning

I created this website primarily to display my photographic works and to publish various articles.

It has evolved over the years into a broader presentation of my hobbies.

During the nearly 20+ year journey, it has evolved into a collection of opinion pieces, various articles on my many hobbies and projects, reference materials, tutorials, astronomical observatory content, and a testbed for my different technology skill sets in my career within Information Technology.

Living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has allowed me to capture a great deal of outdoor imagery on film.

Indeed, the proximity to the Rocky Mountains has influenced the subjects I prefer to cover.

I have been privileged to travel the world, allowing me to sharpen my landscape, travel and street photography.

Content Moves

I am in the process of moving many of my articles to Medium, they will continue to be hosted here and linked to there.

Cooking, Technology and Wood-working

So where is this content going?

I have amassed a considerable amount of content and articles relating to my pursuit in the culinary arts, woodworking, general opinions and technology implementations; these are all being moved to dedicated sites.

  • My journey in the Culinary Arts will be moving to a dedicated food blog titled: Teaspoons and Habaneros (June 2023).. a primer can be found here
  • Woodworking and computing are heading to One Green Dinosaur Studios (June 2023)

Stay awhile and explore

I encourage you to discover the various photographs.

For those interested in the imaging equipment used to produce a photograph (and, where possible, the settings of the equipment), you can find this information on the detailed Exhibition pages while viewing each image.


Please note that all content contained within this site (graphical or informational) is under copyright and is ©2001-2023 Rob Dabisza unless otherwise noted.

Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.

Enjoy the images, reference materials & tutorials.


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