About my journey with photography

Photography has long since been one of my passions (second only to my love for astronomy, the culinary arts, and classical music). My passion for travel, specifically for destinations with spectacular landscapes, has fueled my journey with the camera.

I remember starting my photographic journey with my parents’ Canon AE-1 camera and a cheap generic department store roll of colour negative film. If my memory serves, I believe I had nothing more than a 50mm “paperweight lens” and a dual-ring 80-200/f4 manual focus no-name generic lens.

Those were the days… and that was eons ago, regarding equipment, skill, quality, and ambition.

My enthusiasm for this hobby has only amplified over the years and has been taking me in the direction of Fine Art Printmaking.

I enjoy the art behind image-making and the journeys I embark on to find the “next” large-format print.

The photographs throughout the site cover a great deal of subject matter and have been selected from a long list of captured images in various film formats (35 mm, 6 × 7, digital full-frame 35 mm), brands (Fuji, Kodak, Agfa) and a wide range of lenses and camera gear.

These photographs represent a compendium of captured images over the past 30 years, mostly captured using Canon 35 mm Manual/Autofocus and digital equipment, a  Mamiya RB67, and most recently, on my Sony Alpha’s.

While the digital representation of my images located on the site is the easiest method to show my work to the largest audience, I prefer to display my works in terms of Fine Art prints ranging from small Art Card style prints to images as large as 44 × 132 inches (~4 × 11 ft).

There is something about seeing your work in “tangible format” on fine lustre paper, fine art paper and canvas that presents vastly differently from an LCD screen.

My works on this site have been organized into galleries and should be self-explanatory.

However, special collections, image sequences, experimental forms of photography, and time-lapse work are scattered throughout the main galleries.

These collections and other photographic essays are my attempts to tell a story of an adventure, place, or subject.

Enjoy the images.


Originally Posted: September 15, 2010
Updated: December 16, 2023

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