Quantum of Light

  • kwon-tuhm

    :: noun, quantity or a particular amount

  • lahyt

    :: noun, the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of sight.

Contained within, you will find various content.

Quantum of Light is my photographic blog, a rolling list of photographic entries including but not limited to previews of upcoming work, photographic articles/opinions, or external content that I find interesting.



Large format imaging, how large are the images?

When I talk about large format imaging, I get numerous questions in relation to How Large is Large? That prompted me to write this post (admittedly I probably should have written this a long time ago) – regardless, here are some examples of large format images in a way that is presentable to a web browser.

Very large format images, why do I do it?

The Photographers Ephemeris (revisited)

I shoot a lot of landscape works, and traditional skills tell you that you need to be in a place when the “light is its best”. Often this means sunrises, sunsets, dusk, dawn, or in my case with the Rocky Mountains so close, high contrast shadows cast by the big rocks themselves. Given my many years pursuing Astronomy, I am no stranger to ephemeris usage and data.