Large Format Works

What exactly is a large format work?

When I started with digital photography in 2005 (with at the time what was a Canon 1DS Mark II) – I blended stitching of images into some of my early large format works, long before the Gigapan or modern-day stitching toolsets.

Most of my large format works are works in excess of 500 megapixels, often reaching into the gigapixel range.

I continue to produce large format works even in 2023 however I have moved from a mere 17mp camera in 2005 to my 61mp camera in 2023.  The computing power has changed immensely as well I originally started with a top of the line Pentium 4 and now do my processing on a ThreadRipper.  Obviously, the speed and ease of the work in 2023 is vastly different.

This gallery is to exhibit the large format images specifically, they may or may not be in other galleries on the site.

See the post Large Format Imaging, how large is large? for an idea of how large the source files can be.