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Anyone who knows me understands that I have a passion for food…

Consuming it, sampling it, understanding the history, the cultural influences and techniques behind a given meal drives me to ultimately attempt to recreate many dishes myself.

I have a passion for cooking delicious nourishing food that’s easy to cook with fresh natural ingredients free from additives or preservatives. The easy healthy recipes you find here will inspire you to cook with passion and creativity.

My Philosophy and my story…

Nothing worth doing is easy, and nothing done without passion is boring.  One of the biggest hurdles many people face with cooking is that they don’t understand that a recipe is only a guideline (not in baking, but certainly in cooking).  Recipes only document the general approach to preparing, cooking and presenting food.

Have you ever noticed that if you follow a recipe to the exact letter of the law you are likely to end up with something that never quite seems right?

The mechanics of the recipe are only a small part of the process…  Quality ingredients, a little ad’lib, understanding the personalities of your cooking devices and certainly technique and style add to a success; however don’t ever forget passion and atmosphere.

Many of my friends and colleagues continue to ask me for my recipes and I am attempting with this section to provide them with those documented guidelines – ***make sure you check out the navigation links to the right for this section***