Lake Minnewanka Lake’s End

Resting in the lagoon at the end of the Lake Minnewanka.

Lake Minnewanka, situated amidst the picturesque wilderness of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, serves as a breathtaking reservoir of natural beauty and tranquillity.

Surrounded by majestic mountain peaks and dense forests, the lake’s crystal-clear waters reflect the stunning panorama of the Canadian Rockies, creating a mesmerizing and serene atmosphere that enchants photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Whether shrouded in the vibrant colours of autumn foliage, covered in a glistening sheet of ice in winter, or basking in the warm glow of summer, Lake Minnewanka offers an ever-changing visual spectacle that captivates the senses and inspires the artistic soul.

While there is significant hiking available, the 28km length of the lake is often best seen by boat.

Processed as a watercolour-style image destined initially for an Art Card on Rag paper.

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Posted: January 9, 2020 by Rob
Updated: December 16, 2023

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