I’m a born and raised Canadian.

This country has a lifetime of imaging terrains for a landscape photographer, from vast mountain terrains to “big sky country” on the prairies.

From a photographer’s perspective, Canada unfolds as an expansive canvas, offering an unparalleled diversity of landscapes that range from rugged mountain ranges to serene coastlines. The country’s vast natural beauty encompasses the breathtaking expanse of the Canadian Rockies, the serene charm of the Great Lakes, and the pristine allure of the Northern Lights, providing an endless array of visual narratives waiting to be captured.

With its abundance of national parks, historic landmarks, and vibrant urban centers, Canada presents an eclectic blend of cultural richness and scenic grandeur, allowing photographers to chronicle the multifaceted tapestry of Canadian life and its captivating natural wonders.

Ironically like most Canadians in my age group, we have spent time travelling to more international countries than travelling our own vast and beautiful country, something I am aiming to change in coming years.